Chicagoland Chamber Article cites Jennifer Mounce on Coaching

The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce has an annual right workplace excellence award that is given to select organizations that measure up to a stiff set of criteria. I know, I used to be on the committee that handled the nominations and selection process.  It is not easy for organizations to win this honor.  In 2009 Hyatt Regency Chicago won the award because of the hard work and commitment they put into coaching.  Hyatt understands that it’s critical to growing their culture.

In the article, “Hyatt Regency Chicago Coaches Its Way to Peak Performance”, Jennifer Mounce states, “Coaching is an advanced level communication skill. Managers realize once they learn how to coach that it directly impacts their communication, relationship building and managerial skills in a profound and positive way.”

On June 17th at 12pm CT/10am PT the Chamber will be hosting a webinar entitled, “Coaching For Performance: Creating a Winning Workplace Culture”.

Merrick Dresnin, Hyatt Regency Chicago Human Resource Director, and Jennifer Mounce, Coach Effect President, will be guests on the Chamber’s webinar program. Reserve your Webinar seat now at:  A couple people have asked if they need to be in Chicago or members of the Chamber to participate.  The answer is no.  Everyone is welcome to attend this webinar.  Just sign up.


2 Responses to “Chicagoland Chamber Article cites Jennifer Mounce on Coaching”

  1. coachwithheart Says:


    Interesting concept – could you tell me more about your approach?

    • Jennifer Mounce Says:

      Hi Dan,
      I can’t say I have “an approach” but rather a hybrid of approaches that have been blended together in a way that is quite successful. Starting from a strengths-based and appreciative focus, I put an emphasis on building emotional intelligence and understanding how the brain works in order to make shifts that are sustainable. This is a wrapper around which coaching happens.
      Thanks for asking!

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