Jennifer Mounce quoted in Advance

Coach Effect’s founder, Jennifer Mounce, (that’s me!) was quoted in the article, “Bad to the Bone?  How to deal with disruptive behavior in the lab.”   This feature article is in the most recent issue of Advance, the nation’s medical laboratory biweekly magazine.  The article was focusing on the folks in the workplace, in this case specifically in laboratories, that exhibit bad behavior.


Interestingly enough, I was at a presentation last week on this very topic.  Toxic behavior in the workplace.  Our presenter, Dr. Mitchell Kusy, has done research on this subject.  The research revealed that toxic personalities can be put into three main types:

  1. Shaming – humiliation, sarcasm, pot shots, mistake pointing
  2. Passive Hostility – passive aggressive, territorial behavior, distrust of others opinion, difficulty with feedback, clueless of own toxicity
  3. Team Sabotage – surveillance of the team, teamwork meddling, authority to punish


At one point Dr. Kusy said, “If you’re here to figure out how to talk to toxic individuals…forget it.”  He went on to explain that the toxic individual are clueless that they are toxic.  They have rationalized their behavior to a point that makes it impossible for them to see any other point of view.  They are always right.

Do you work with any of these individuals?  You might want to check out Dr. Kusy’s book, Toxic Workplace.


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