Interview Mistakes

Lately, I’ve been prepping people for interviews and refining resumes just as much as I am coaching senior managers in their current roles.  This article on interview mistakes reconfirms that we are focusing on the right things when I prep candidates.

First – focus on strengths.  Being clear about what you are good at is critical. 

Second – be confident.  You are your only advocate in an interview.  Don’t sell yourself short with statements that undermine your own ability.

Third – show your flexibility.  If you are receiving an offer, look at the whole picture, not just the base salary.

The Forbes article focuses predominantly on women.  The article makes points, in my experience, that relate to both genders.  So men, don’t shy away from reading it just because it’s female focused.

For additional resources on this subject check out Coach Effect’s audio programs:

Resume Self-Critique


Regular Resume Review


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