Happy Coaching

Has being happy ever been a bad thing? 
No matter where you are at, work or home, a natural conclusion might be that people who are happy are going to have stronger positive attitudes.

WSJ’s article on “Happiness Coaching” is just highlighting basic principles that have been known for a long time, such as: focusing on what’s within your span of control, having a positive attitude, looking for what is right (instead of complaining about what is wrong), etc. 

Whether these basic principles are adhered to in the workplace is where WSJ is focused.  Companies seem to be getting on the bandwagon and realizing that a happier and more positive environment will support happier and more positive employees.


This is really not a new subject.  Actually, it’s an old subject that WSJ is just trying to spin into something new.  We have been writing about being positive directly (Are You Positive?) and indirectly (Keeping Employee Engagement Up in a Down Economy) for years.  The issue lies in what is down with the information.


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