To micro-manage or not…that is the question on CEO’s minds

WSJ article today –

Balancing Job of Overseeing With Overdoing : CEOs Are More Hands On During Downturn but Risk Drowning in Minutiae and Causing Resentment Over Micromanagement


Mihir Shukla, chief executive of software firm Automation Anywhere, is taking a more hands-on approach to management—and asking other executives at the company to do the same—even as he weighs the risks of becoming too involved. …

Our Thoughts –
Having a heavier hand during a downturn could make sense from an operational/spending stand-point, but it may not make sense from an employee engagement point of view.  This article touches on the delicate balance between keeping control of the ship and micro-managing, but it doesn’t go into the issues that could come from micro-managing.  I wrote an article earlier this year for the Coach Effect newsletter, “7 Practical Ways Managers can Motivate and Energize their De-motivated”.  It seems like a relevant compliment to the WSJ article.  Managers must figure out how to walk the fine line, motivate, and watch everything more closely. 

This article gives more of the “how to” to follow up the WSJ article. 
Other ideas on how to balance staying hands-on with still providing autonomy and decision making?  Please share them.


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