Appreciating Employees

In putting together the December newsletter article “The Art of Showing Appreciation” I browsed the internet a bit looking for relevant and timely material on the topic.

Coach Effect’s newsletter article emphasized providing very specific feedback.


I stumbled upon this cartoon labeled as employee appreciation.


Cartoon found at: "Employee Appreciation" Cartoon

Clearly my search started out a little slowly and backwards.


I did finally come across a couple of articles that made worthwhile points…

Building a Culture of Employee Appreciation

How Datotel overhauled its employee-appreciation, -recognition, and -incentive programs.

David Brown thinks it’s important to make his employees feel valued. So Brown, founder and president of Datotel, an IT services and data storage business in St. Louis with 38 employees, was dismayed when he realized his employee-of-the-month program wasn’t helping morale. ….

This article is a great reminder to simply thank employees regularly. had a Q & A about employee appreciation without breaking the bank.

Show Your Staff Appreciation

Your company is going through hard times, but your employees are hard-working troopers. How can you show them your appreciation?

The key in the answer was about getting your employees to talk about the accomplishments they had versus you talking about what people have done.


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